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The Bilderberg conference is an annual three-day meeting designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America. The pioneering meeting grew out of the concern expressed by leading citizens on both sides of the Atlantic that Western Europe and North America were not working together as closely as they should on issues of common interest.

The first meeting took place in Hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, from 29 to 31 May 1954. Representatives from economic, social, political and cultural fields were invited to hold informal discussions to help create a better understanding of the complex forces and major trends affecting Western nations in the difficult post-war period.

However little did the Bilderberg members realise that their dream of fostering closer union and ambitions would be wrecked by deceit and treachery. The two most powerful families at play , the Bush’s and the Windsors, would play a leading role since 1994 and the outcome would be disturbing. The Windsors , having been established generations  ago would attempt to gain control of the EU , in order to do this they needed an infux of foreigners into the region. The problem with this approach was that the Christian/Calvanistic model of society was modelled on the approach that those within it trusted each other based on faith. Therefore difficult tasks and problems could be solved by belief and an understanding that a common goal would result in a final outcome acceptable to all. This model rejected outsiders , until they assimilated the belief of Christainity and its eternal master Christ. Europe modelled itself along these lines and in 2000 years , the results were very very fruitful. Indeed the same system was shipped off to America , and lo and behold the USA within a space of 300 years became a global power such as never been seen before.

However , within the game plan , there was a need to control Europe , and the plan that Christianity was the basis for this needed to be replaced. So while the main families of the world frittered away their belief , The Windors slowly gained the upper hand. In 1994 to ensure that their first attempt at a ‘Rainbow Nation’, ie a multi belief nation was not derailed , they commissioned the invasion of Haiti. At the time the members of Bilderberg rightly assumed that it was all about democracy , well yes it was. However the taks force that America assembled was not there to put down Haiti , a nation with no war mongering history or advanced armamaments , but it was instead a cover to ensure that the Elections in South Africa (Rainbow Nation- 27 April 1994) went unhindered. The Task force was commissioned since it was rumoured that the General DF Malan had in the region of 20 000 spes troops at his disposal. The significance of this was that Malan was a devout Afrikaner , who together with his generals saw it as their duty to uphold Afrikaner values , which were central to the Christain belief. This threat was unacceptable to the Windsors and their lackeys who attended many a conference with the Bilderbergs over the years. In the end , Malan realised that he was facing down 25000 troops , they were based off Haiti and operationally ready via the US codename Operation Uphold Democracy.Little did members of USS Nassau & others realise that it was all a farce. The Bush’s had agreed , that should the Afrikaners of South Africa resort to force to claim back a land given to them by a vow (December 16 day of the Vow), then the task force would set sail for its main mission, the restatement of the ‘Rainbow Nation’, the Windors model of future world generations.

The members of Bilderberg however , most notably the Bush family had discounted the Day of the Vow as a historic event with no basis for authority and as such a minor issue in the plans of the world politics. How wrong could he be , firstly the Windsor family is wracked by greatest curse since mankind . At the turn of the 19th Century , the family was responsible for the wholesale destruction of 26 000 women and childrens lives (see Anglo Boer War) , this not only did they gloss over politically , but they also failed to disclose it to the Bilderberg members.

Additionally to this , at the time of the Boer war , lived a Van rensburg , whose beliefs underpinned his every move. Unlike today’s charlatans , Van Rensburg had no material assets, and although not a man of war in the sense of a soldier , Van Rensburg was conscripted into the Commando (incidentally , the word commando originates from SA and from the Afrikaner…so every time you mention it , its actually associated with the Anglo Boer War), and his role became that of a Seer. In the entire war 500 000 British were called in to suppress 50 000 Afrikaners, the readings of Van Rensburg make riveting stuff and the download is available ,here, but essentially Van Rensburg provided vital insight that was ahead of its time.

That ‘Intel’ had been time and again proved correct , and more importantly he declared that the Windsor Family would be forced out of UK . The Windsors , knowing of his reputation first imprisoned him , placed him under house arrest , and later concocted a scheme to bury him in history. Basically , once the Afrikaners got to power in SA , the Windsors opened the news floodgates with their version of beliefs through none other than Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Anglican Church. The scheme via the printed press and Fleet street worked perfectly , Van Rensburg and his influence was buried and gone. However the Windsors were not able to stop the inception of the internet , which is why you are now reading this article , and Van Rensburg has been resurrected in all his glory.

Bilderberg have been mislead , bombarded with deception , led to believe that the ‘Rainbow Nation’ system would work and that economic prosperity would follow. It was all a lie , The rainbow Nation model resulted in a curse being placed on the Bilderberg group. Nothing the group has done since 1994 has yielded any fruitful outcome. In fact , America , some thousands of miles away from Europe has been attacked. Its forces have engaged globally , and in spite of the superior armaments , every plan is going to rack and ruin. Painfully , the Windsor effect is beginning to affect the American moral . The victory in Afghanistan(1980) is but a vanished shadow in the mist. Iraq is total defeat , Russia rules in the Ukraine and all the Intel collated over the years is wasted and sitting in Moscow(Snowden). Truly , the Bush family so taken in via the Windsors has been deceived, every operation that the Americans have entertained/co operated with UK has come unstuck , just ask your commanders. That is because the Windsors were never intending to follow through with their promise of prosperity and stability.

Instead , America succumbed to their deceit , cut short the Afrikaners  who are destined to be His followers on earth, Africa being designated their land. Now like wise He has cut short the Bilderberg’s plans , and with each passing year the curse grows stronger , and make no mistake that any attempt to ignore the fate of the Afrikaners will just result in more chaos and instability.

Now , if the Bilderberg’s look at the evidence , who can gain from the situation , and how can it be true? Well the Windsors are in the game of power, they have done so for centuries .They have effectively put America on the side . Since America is the Global power , it seems it cannot win a war , so it forces the members to consult with the UK on decisions . A super move that makes George Bush and family look rather dumb in the political sense. Additionally the massive economic turmoil is just the force the Windsors need to destabilise Europe , after all Europe is/was the centre of Christianity , and this belief is not conducive to the ‘Rainbow Nation Model’.  As this blog is written millions of migrants are beginning to prepare to make their way to Europe. However , the game plan, that is  that they head to UK , which will will bar their entry and then force them to remain in the EU region is coming into play. It is estimated that there is over 10 million able bodied migrants , some with military experience capable of wreaking destruction in EU should they not get access to benefits and jobs to ensure continuity of their lives.  This same plan was carried out centuries ago with the Huns destroying the Roman Empire.

It is now a reality , that the UK , via its South Africa connection was in know that the plan would fail (Rainbow Nation). Since 1994 , the Windsors have been watching SA , while not open about it , it is their pet project since the well being of the future civil models depends on it. SA is a failed state , in spite of having all the resources since 1994 , every western bit of infra structure not available in Africa elsewhere , it has experienced terminal decline, economically , socially and morally (How many Bilderberg members have their assets located in SA , and are they strategic assets…i thought so). The criminal rate has skyrocketed, the electricity grid has become overloaded so that countrywide load shedding is now the order of the day. Interestingly , Van Rensburg evidenced this , and to drive the nail  in the Windsors coffin , when asked ‘when these times would be’ , he noted ‘When the ice melts’ , strangely enough we call it global warming , what a coincidence its 2015.

As of writing this , I can assure you that Van Rensburg never travelled without his bible , everything he saw he never ever attributed to himself, he was too humble for this world , but in that humbleness was purity of the soul, something the Bilderberg’s overlook till now. At this moment in time , the whole of the EU is faced with the most unbelievable threats never ever before envisaged , millions of migrants , a civil war in Syria which is going to overspill regional borders and a threat of EU Russia war(Ukraine). Nothing can be more plain to see that the influence of the Windsors in this hand. Most members that need read this need to realise that you are going to lose all your hard worked for their interests , with little chance of the luck you had in the past, it will all be truly gone.

It is now or never , to look south in the World and re instate the interests that were opened to the Afrikaners in Africa or face adversity. The presence of authority is not by man , and the presence of chaos is proof thereof. Attached to this blog , is the download that provides the true insight. It is understandable that it is a long read , nevertheless since your long term stability and prosperity rests thereon , it is essential that one becomes enlightened to that which is hidden from others and take advantage thereof.

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