Bilderbergs not making money

Bilderbergs not making money, just when it was safe to make money in chaos , the Winsor move was plain dumb. Key industries are going bankrupt. Most firms can pay their way through. Whats more the English seem likely to dump the EU euro , just like Dunkirk , they say they will come to the assistance and then they run.


The UK economy is on the last legs , This migrant issue is killing growth , widespread crime is rising and most EU business’s realise they have been duped by the British.

Cameron , is due for replacement soon and the shadow war in Syria looks like a farce. The English are in Syria to ensnare the Germans. As soon as Merkel committed troops the Windsors were in absolute glee. Finally the can force a stand off between the EU and Russia.


This happened in Austria and caused WW1 , well here it comes again , this time the members of Bilderberg who though their interests were being secured will find them ripped open and shredded.



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