Isis Oil, Putins Fatal Attraction Syria warplane tension

Isis Oil,  Putins fatal attraction, Russia cannot stop the oil that easily. What it can do is stop negotating with the English who will attempt to infiltrate Russia, over Syria warplane tensions.

The Windsor family knows Putin detest’s weakness, so they will play on this. They will make Russia seem strong by cracking down on Isis. However Isis has many followers so a few 100 000 killed is nothing and can be replenished in a day.

There was a time when Cuba was helping Angola in Africa , Castro was infatuated with the project . So Castro reasoned , oil is an international commodity , if Angola pumps oil , we get paid , so let us help with the liberation of Angola , that way Cuba will be rich and prosperous.

Castro , of course knew nothing of the English and the Windsors . The English very cleverly had a hold on the Americans, the oil was sold to America at a pittance , the Angolans always got paid late , leaving the Cubans always out of pocket. In the end the Americans knew that the money was going to Cuba & Russia , so they did little to develop the oil fields.

Castro left Angola , completely defeated, yes he did win a few battles , but there was no money back in Cuba , and to make it worse Castro had to deal in drugs to top up his treasury . PW Botha , resigned as President of SA , but Castro to this day cannot in case he gets extradited to the USA , like “Pineapple face” .Next , Putin will be caught , the Windsors already have a plan on how to snare Russia’s most presentable leader.


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