CIA , beaten by KGB?

CIA , beaten by KGB? and this intel would have the whole CIA sacked , hopefully Obama wont see this while he is dancing in Africa.

Members to follow up here :

Rob Collins
Executive Director,
National Republican Senatorial Committee
Rebecca Tallent
Assistant to Speaker for Policy, Immigration,
Alexis Covey-Brandt
Chief of Staff,
House Minority Whip
Bill Dauster
Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy,
Senate Majority Leader
Reema Dodin
Floor Director,
Senate Majority Whip
Bill Duhnke
Minority Staff Director,
Senate Appropriations Committee
Sage Eastman
Strategy and Public Affairs Director,
House Ways and Means Committee
Matt House
Communications Director,
Senate Democratic Policy & Communications Center
Hugh Halpern
Majority Staff Director,
House Rules Committee
Liesl Hickey
Executive Director,
National Republican Congressional Committee
Josh Holmes
Senior Adviser,
National Republican Senatorial Committee



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