Hillary Clinton does Dallas or London

Hillary Clinton does Dallas or London, just as the elections were looming , Hillary had a go at Trump.

The Bilderberg group were getting desperate, they need to deflect the attention that Trump is getting. Never in American history has someone been able to stand against the British influence. Ever since Kennedy was gunned , the White House has been careful not to dare challenge the English.

Every American senator knows that the 911 Attacks were and inside job, just read the phone records between London and the Middle East hotspots. The UK intelligence gathering don’t share everything.  For one thing , ask the GHCQ to disclose all the calls and meetings of the Windsors with the various muslim leaders, well yes a blank is drawn here.

The following members are all a sub unit of the GHCQ


The official seals of U.S. Intelligence Community members.

The IC consists of 17 members (also called elements), most of which are offices or bureaus within federal executive departments.[7] The IC is led by the Director of National Intelligence.

In fact there was a famous South African , connected with the old South Africa that warned America that all there secrets would be shared with the Soviets. The American Intel groups laughed it off (Seiner van Rensberg, just a small bit of intel from the old SADF).

In fact the US navy/special forces  threatened the old SADF , General Malan , Constant Viljoen and others when the ANC came to power to not interfere with the Bilderberg matters , well here we are , GHCQ is now actively pawning US intel to Russia . By now the US should begin to feel it is losing the Intel war in Syria.

Also the pinpoint predator strikes are pretty useless.


They have no material affect , a million dollar rocket blowing up a fanatic insurgent , while the US president is muslim too , bit like blind leading the blind . America will loose heavily , it abandoned its Christian values for “Democracy” , a whore with no shame.

God help America , maybe its time for Trump to got to church , he is the only one that seems to be different from the old school politicians who were bought for a dollar and prostituted every value they had. Christian values built America , not democracy , the stupid whore of the liberal west


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