Merkel – Germany ‘s error – German Cabinet Approves Plans

Merkel did not heed WW1 & WW2 , in both cases Germany was the scapegoat , now it seem s that the Windsors have fooled Germany again, Germany’s error ,

German Cabinet Approves Plans?


As the migrants have flooded in through Greece , instead of closing the borders , forcings non EU citizens who do not share the Christain beliefs to be separated and vetted, Merkel has been suckered by the English liberals. The importation of Islam is forien to Europe.

The Windsor rainbow nation concept has been sucked in by Merkel. The English hung most of the Germans that detested the English masons , now Merkel is showing the kind of fear that was evident after WW2.

Germany needs a strong leader, on that will not bend. German forces should be withdrawn from Syria immeadiately. The foolish attempt to create “peace” will be Merkels undoing. British intelligence will share their intel with the Russians , who will set a trap for Merkel.

Isis is the Brainchild of the British. The British want to impose a non Christian order on the world. Isis is the way they want to do it. Germany needs to pull out of Syria, train up a German  foreign legion of muslims that are fleeing to the EU , and send them back to fight in Syria. Those who incorporate Christian values would need to be advanced and assimilated into the EU , the rest discarded.

The migrant crises will worsen. The NATO pact will be stretched , it is unlikely that the EU can combat extremism , the Windsors are too cunning to lose. Prince Philip has Merkel eating out of his hand.

Before long she will be gone , one mistake to many .

Europe was never built on democracy , it was built on Christianity , if Merkel denies that , then she too will be denied.

German Cabinet Approves Plans to Help in Fight Against Islamic State in Syria

German mission would include reconnaissance jets, a refueling aircraft and a frigate to protect a French aircraft carrier



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